Easy Integrations to Sync and Share Data: Sync BOM activities with supplier via enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrations. Exchange documents and data and easily flip POs to invoice for accounts payable automation to improve information sharing. Integrate shipping requirements and tracking directly with 3PLs.

Automated Document Exchange for Buyers and Suppliers: No more manual input. Reduce the time, cost and risk of manual exchanges of documents with direct material suppliers. Gain the visibility needed to collaborate on orders, shipments and deviations.

Continuous Collaboration on Orders and Deliveries: Share the latest forecasts, share vendor managed inventory, and schedule delivery call-offs to optimize just-in-time delivery. Clarity into planned consumption levels lets suppliers plan better so you can optimize your multi-tier supply chains.

Optimized Production Capacity: Avoid production disruptions caused by low stock of components and avoid paying for excess materials. Instead, collaborate with suppliers to optimize your supply chain planning and get JIT delivery right.

Enhance the Systems You Already Have: Seamlessly integrate JAGGAER across multi-ERP environments to create a single process for all regions, business units and suppliers. Collaborate based on the integrations your suppliers can support.

Modernize Your Processes with Digital ERP Solutions: Consolidated data means better visibility. Capture the communications with suppliers from outside your ERP to reduce the risk of data errors. Plus, digital collaboration allows you to automate more of the supply chain process.

Streamline the Shipping Process: Streamline the goods receipt process by collaborating with suppliers on order and delivery. Automatically generate shipping labels and barcodes, attach shipping details to your PO and integrate directly with 3PLs.

Track Receiving Details with Ease: Make sure orders are shipped the way you want to receive them, and better track receipt in JAGGAER and your ERP system. Stay up to date with real-time delivery information.