360 View of Supplier Data and Performance: 

Interactive dashboards provide an overview of all supplier activities and risk in standardized formats. Get one central place to make decisions and act effectively, enriched by third party data.

Make Informed Decisions and Take Action: 

Make timely assessments and take clear action with information presented in a meaningful way. Proactively manage issues throughout the entire lifecycle, allowing time to correct course or re-evaluate and institute supplier improvement programs.

Smart Supplier Onboarding and Management: 

Flexible registration rules handle category-specific supplier requirements. Manage multiple assessment factors like segmentation, quality and risk. KPI-driven forms and workflows allow artificial intelligence to monitor accuracy and update suppliers when changes occur.

Streamlined Data Processes: 

Step away from time-consuming supplier data collection. AI determines what information is needed and draws from third-party sources. Onboard suppliers intuitively instead of overwhelming them with unnecessary requests.

Actionable Plans to Increase Supplier Value: 

Build, adopt and model supplier development plans to not only audit and correct suppliers, but encourage innovation. AI-recommended actions improve performance. Plus, engage stakeholders with trackable actions and measured KPIs.

Strategic Collaboration and Supplier Relationship Management: 

Collaborate with your suppliers and build stronger, more strategic relationships. Generate greater value through new innovative processes and products.


Automatic Alerts and Recommendations: 

Supplier assessments automatically alert you to risks while scorecards proactively provide input to corrective actions. Manage KPIs, documents and data for secure compliance tracking and correct your suppliers early.

Get Ahead of High-Risk Scenarios: 

Act at the first sign of trouble. Focus on the suppliers with the biggest impact on your operations. Minimize your volatility and risk.