Pre-Configured Visualization Dashboards:

Dashboards are built from real-world customer requirements with headline views and filter capabilities. Track by multiple dimensions and time on standard reports like early payment, discount tracking, and contract compliance and maverick spend. 

Quickly Identify Value Creation Opportunities: 

Uncover areas for optimization . Minimize non-compliant spend, reduce unit prices, consolidate suppliers, create business unit collaboration and more.

All Spend Data in One Solution: 

Process, transform, validate and enrich multiple sources of data. Machine learning speeds up classification and grouping while automated algorithms simplify any manual adjustments.  

100% spend management: 

See where every dollar goes. Interpret data from many perspectives for new information and increased value. Analysts find faster data insights, managers track and optimize KPIs and executives get KPI-focused overviews.

Proven Enrichment Technology: 

Automate data validation. Intelliclass machine learning classification automates keyword and statistic rules. Get structured data cleansing, supplier normalization and consolidation, and take a blended AI approach for manual adjustments.  

Trust the Data to Take Action: 

Make timely assessments and faster decisions. Let artificial intelligence do the work while maintaining control to make adjustments that fit your needs.    

Streamlined Data Refreshes: 

Provide updates to spend data at a regular cadence. Give users enhanced classification requests and give administrators visibility into request status. Continually improve data management, maintaining classification rates. Plus, new reports on the dashboards are released regularly.   

Continually Reliable Data: 

Empower procurement without relying on IT. Take advantage of new reports and metrics with repeatable processes for updating reports.  

Flexible and Powerful Analytics: 

Get pre-configured dashboards based on 25 years of procurement experience. Create bespoke reports on the fly using appropriate analysis styles for all stakeholders in multiple languages.

Consensus to Address Changes: 

Present trusted data in meaningful formats. Have more productive discussions on areas of opportunity without having to rely on IT for updates or new reports.