Technology to Handle Multiple Dimensions of Sourcing Events: 

Generate and display automated tabulation, what-if scenarios and intelligent award options. Analyze comprehensive data and constraints, including user-defined criteria, alternative bids, discounts and business rules.

Choose the Best Value: 

Find value quickly. Don’t be hindered by data sources and unknown variables. What-if scenarios and AI-based scenario navigation open the world to new avenues of doing business.

Collect and Auto-Score Supplier Information: 

Configure events automatically based on event type and manage communications, activities and amendments in one place. Analyze bids with automatic scoring and receive automated recommendations for your events so you know you’re finding the best value.

More Time on Analysis, Less Time Collecting Data: 

Stop collecting and aggregating bid responses and let the solution do the work for you. With automated processing and meaningful reports, spend your time analyzing your options to make the right selection.

Find More Competitive Advantage: 

Advanced response evaluation gives detailed price comparison for immediate visibility into the strengths of supplier bids. Artificial intelligence uncovers new scenarios for comparison so you can identify savings and competitive advantages.

Make Informed Decisions and Take Action:

Make timely assessments and take decisive action thanks to clear information. Get insights into scenarios you hadn’t considered before and give buyers new options.

Intuitive and Robust Program Management: 

Automate process steps and validation rules that align tasks with the correct owners and guide users with clear next steps. See what’s coming and plan the right resources.

Better Oversight and Resource Assignment: 

Collect sourcing requests, assign the right resource and track the project from start to finish. Reduce cost of ownership and improve productivity through sound, re-usable program and process management.

Flexible Scoring Across Evaluators: 

Support complex events with multiple evaluators, segmenting visibility and weighting participation. Flexible scoring models use configurable factors to evaluate supplier responses.

More Accurate Scoring: 

Make sure suppliers put their best foot forward. Use evaluator resources effectively by assigning them to their appropriate areas of expertise with access to the necessary materials.