Digitize All Invoices, Electronic or Not: Automated invoice collection captures data via integration and supplier portals. Digital Mailroom and Digital Capture digitize paper and email invoices for a truly touchless conversion process, complete with an audit trail.

Process Digital Invoices Faster: Eradicate time-consuming, expensive, error-prone processes with automation to speed up approvals and shorten payment cycles. Spend more time on strategic initiatives like spend analysis and dynamic discounting.

Intelligent, Dynamic Automation: Automate invoice processing, matching, approvals and payments and manage by exception rather than matching invoices manually. Dynamic workflow rules enable flexible processes for different business units, providing stronger workflow controls.

Flexible, Configurable Automation Saves Time: Don’t adapt your processes because of rigid tools. Configurable rules for n-way matching meet your specific needs. Decrease time spent tracking, reviewing and matching invoices thanks to intelligent automation.

Clear Visibility and Reporting: Powerful augmented analytics give full visibility into your invoice flow. Out-of-the-box reporting provides clear detail on suppliers, invoice matching and early and on-time payments.

Informed Decisions to Drive Savings: Boost your bottom line. Reduce human errors, cycle times, and costs and take advantage of early payment discounts. With robust data, the accounts payable team becomes a strategic center for the organization.

Global Expertise: Strengthen your global accounts payable team with eInvoicing processes designed in conjunction with experts like PwC and configured to comply with each country’s specific regulations.

Compliance Brings Peace of Mind: Meet international regulations with one central invoicing process. With up-to-date tax information and an audit trail, be confident that you’re mitigating risk.