Simplify the experience with One-Stop Shopping: 

A modern e-shopping experience lets users find items they need and generates smart suggestions for them. View and compare items from hosted catalogs, punchouts and internal inventory – all in one place.

Increase Spend on Contract with Guided Shopping Tools: 

The intuitive experience helps shoppers find what they’re looking for through the approved channels. AI drives automatic reordering on contract and promotes internal inventory and preferred suppliers for a guided experience.

Guided Buying Keeps Spend on Contract: 

Intelligent guides direct shoppers to your preferred suppliers, items and services. Contract-based procurement automatically applies contract terms to purchases based on item, user or supplier, so your buyers are always compliant.

On-Contract Spend for Goods and Services: 

Improve purchasing compliance to increase savings. Let buyers order services against contracts or find contracted items at the top of search results.


Clarity for You and Your Stakeholders: 

When you manage all your purchases in a single eProcurement system, you have transparency into where your money is being spent. Analyze and share purchasing and compliance data with stakeholders via intuitive dashboards.

Leverage Visibility to Drive Savings: 

With full visibility, you can make better decisions about your suppliers and categories. Increase compliance, reduce maverick spend and get automated recommendations on how to save even more.

Track Every Penny to the Right Budget: 

Simple budget checks review purchases against relevant budgets. Automated approval workflows based on budget status guarantee you’re complying with your business’s requirements.

Say Goodbye to Tiresome Reporting: 

No more consolidating reports from dozens of categories. Instead, give key stakeholders the power to monitor project status, budget and compliance.

Don’t Worry About Enablement: 

Expand your supplier base. Free turnkey supplier onboarding and a full network of 5 million suppliers let you find a vendor for everything.

Expand Your Network: 

Enable more vendors than ever to build an expansive marketplace. If you don’t have a supplier for an item, shop outside your network with JAGGAER-provided suppliers.