One-Click Contract Creation: Artificial intelligence automatically generates contracts, identifies risks and suggests alternative language and clauses during the authoring process. Intuitive editing and configurable templates make revisions easy. 

Focus on Strategic Efforts: Free up contract managers so that they can spend more time on strategic agreements. Active contract creation ensures robust contracts and compliance so you can put your focus elsewhere.

Leveraging Technology for Supplier Transparency: AI identifies risks and opportunities with enhanced contract data. Spend tracking and performance reporting keep suppliers honest and actionable dashboards help you predict bottlenecks. 

Contracts Right Where You Want Them: With a central repository, there’s no more searching for contract documents; you know exactly where they are. And with digital contracts, you can directly impact costs and revenue with meaningful analysis via artificial intelligence.

Access for the Right Stakeholders: Flexible user roles control which team members submit contracts or collaborate on negotiations. Dynamic approvals and electronic signatures are routed automatically and supported through email and mobile apps.

All Parties on One Platform: Keep stakeholders, including suppliers, engaged in one place with no version control or audit issues. No more tracking down revisions or email history. Plus, one platform increases compliance, driving savings.

Foster Faster Collaboration: Put revisions, counterproposals and approvals in one place. Once executed, actively monitor obligations to evaluate suppliers. Built in analytics provide detailed insight into performance.

Deeper Understanding for a Reliable Supply Chain: Get deeper insights. With a comprehensive view of performance throughout the lifecycle, you can make smart decisions about your suppliers. Give important feedback and develop improvement programs when necessary.